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Custom   mood boards, tailored to your space, aesthetic, and budget, complete with corresponding  sourcing sheet for no hassle purchasing.

Lets Get Moody

A cohesive collection of  paint colors, selected for multiple rooms  that will bring the flow of your home to the next level.. 

Paint Palette Perfection

Drawn to scale floor plans to accompany a custom  created mood board design, complete with our sourcing sheet for no hassle purchasing.

From The Window to the Walls

Everything from our  Window to the Walls  package, with  careful sourcing of all eco-friendly furnishings  for a more healthy and sustainable home. 

Healthy Home Design

Carefully curated wall art and decor to complement your existing space, complete with a no hassle sourcing sheet.

Dreamy Decor

In addition to our package offerings, Smith & Barberry is a full service residential design company, currently serving areas within 25 miles of Philadelphia. 

Residential Design

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